Brackish Water Treatment Plant

Brackish Water RO Plant

The Brackish Water is the resulting combination of two types of water such as freshwater and salty seawater. It is well-known that Brackish Water is Salty or Briny in flavor and hence unfit for consumption of any kind. These Brackish Water RO Systems are designed for any application that necessitates high output Reverse Osmosis Plant / equipment. We can also modify these units as per the feed water parameters, whether it be Bore well or brackish Water. Brackish Water Treatment Plant is the process of Desalination of removing minerals and salts from water to produce purified water. This is accomplishing by pushing water at a high pressure through reverse osmosis (RO) membranes (semi permeable membrane) to eliminate salt and other minerals.

At GIECL, we understand the prospective blow that salinated water could have on your health and thus we endeavor to recommend the best Brackish Water RO System for boiler and food industries. We use the maximum quality machinery in each of our plants and machineries installed so that they function to their full potential and stay damage free for longer period of time. GIECL's standardised Brackish Water RO Desalination Systems are high quality, reliable and energy efficient. Also we try our level best to fit the system on a compact frame for most advantageous utilization of the area. The level of salt content present in water may vary from place to place and from source to source. Water resultant from a bore well or brackish water certainly demands a higher level of purification. Our designs are flexible enough to be modified according to the necessities; ensuring top quality Brackish Water Treatment Plant / Waste Water Treatment Plant is delivered irrespective of the quality of feed water.

Sources of Water Treatment Scheme
Deep Well Water / Bore Hole Water Chlorination, Pretreatment, R.O. System, Flushing & Cleaning System
Open Well Water / River Water / Lake Water Chlorination, Pretreatment, UF System, R.O. System, Flushing & Cleaning System
Sea Water Chlorination, Pretreatment, UF System, De-Salination, R.O. System, Flushing & Cleaning System