Ozonation System Manufacturer

Ozone Wastewater Treatment System

Find here Ozone Water System, Ozone Wastewater Treatment System, Ozonation System manufacturers from GIECL water treatment plant for Industrial use. Our main expertise lies in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of ozone generators that find application in the field of water and waste-water treatment. Ozonation is a chemical treatment process based on the infusion of ozone into water, and as a powerful oxidizer, it is competently sterilizes loops, tanks and permeates. Ozone can be added at numerous points through a water treatment system, supplementary with the reduction of organic and inorganic matter, pesticides, disinfection by products and more.

With these offered ozone generators are ranging in capacities from 2gm/hr to 1kg/hr (can also be custom delivered), we also hold proficiency in installing these in end application areas including. GIECL’s ozone products provide customers with integrated systems, and ongoing monitoring that makes sure the production of ozone matched the requirements of the unique application. Ozone (O3) is a color less & odorless gas constituting of oxygen. It covers in three atoms of oxygen and distributes powerful sterility action for destroying bacteria, viruses and odors. The reliable, versatile, and cost-effective Ozonation System Series of ozone generators are designed to satisfy an extensive assortment of industrial applications.