Mineral Water Plant Manufacturers

Mineral Water Plant Manufacturers in India

GIECL - is considered one of the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Mineral Water Plant-(मिनरल वॉटर प्लान्ट) since its establishment in 1996. In this period we have gained a huge acknowledgment as we have collaborated with only the best brands and notorious manufacturers of all our plants and machineries parts and equipments. Our offered material are sourced from the well-known vendors from the market for setting up these plants that are of huge quality and needs of minimum maintenance services. At each and every level of water purification, we make sure that the process done meets all the best quality of Water Treatment Plant processes and phenomenon so that the esteem clients get the best source of water can be treated in the best possible manner and you can get the purest form of mineral water.

Details of Mineral Water Plant

Sources of WaterTreatment Scheme
Deep Well Water / Bore Hole WaterChlorination, Pretreatment, R.O.System, Mineral Adding , Ozonation
Open Well Water / River Water / Lake WaterChlorination, Pretreatment, UF System, R.O. System, Ozonation
Sea WaterChlorination, Pretreatment, UF System, De-Salination, R.O.System and Ozonation

Water Bottle Plants in India

Empowered with the experienced professionals having huge industry knowledge, who come up with efficient Mineral Water Plant. We are employed with expert professionals who manufacture these Mineral Water Plants by making use of superior quality components with latest technology. Further flourished team of expert professionals strictly adhere to globally laid quality standards while fabricating these Water Bottle Plants. The water that we get from deep well water, bore hole water, open well water, river water, lake water, or sea water source, most water source are not prudent for drinking purposes due to higher contamination present. So to provide you the best Mineral water for drinking without any type of contamination GIECL is considered to be the best place for all water purification technologies and Mineral Water Bottling Plants.

Mineral Water Bottling Plant (मिनरल वॉटर प्लान्ट) Manufacturer & Suppliers

We are the well-known brand that is hugely demanded by the customer for their Mineral Water Plant installation and mineral adding system. GIECL is Functional Mineral Water Plant Manufacturer and Suppliers which are accessible in diverse range of water capacity from 500 liter/hr to 20,000 liters/hr. We are using the best quality of Stainless Steel which is an economical solution for making a sturdy Mineral Water Plant, Packaged Drinking Water Bottling Plant in the industry. Our employed professionals and quality checkers are engaged in offering 100% assembling of the plants before it is dispatched to the customers from the workshop. Moreover we take utmost care during the production stages of mineral water, that all the essential minerals required for water are gained with the help of unique filtration techniques used and maintain its natural advantage. The water treated in our Mineral Water Plants matches universal principles of drinking water quality and guarantees the best expectations of purity and health to the people around. The dealing with and maintenance of the powerful plants made by us is easy. The plants require least installation space and they are manageable and productive solutions for providing unadulterated drinking mineral water.

Treatment Process of Mineral Water Plant

Chlorination SystemFor Yeast &Mould and Microbiological impurities
Raw Water PumpFor Supply the Raw Water to System
Pressure Sand FilterFor Suspended Impurities & Turbidity
De-Chlorination SystemFor Chlorine removal
Activated Carbon FilterFor Chlorine, Color, Odor Removal
SP. Anti Scalent Dosing SystemFor De-Scaling of R.O. System
Micron Cartridge FilterFor Micron Impurities removal
High Pressure PumpFor High Pressure and Flow to R.O. System
Reverse Osmosis SystemFor TDS removal @ 99.5 % salt rejection
S.S. Product Water StorageFor Product water Storage
Supply PumpFor Supply to Post treatment
Mineral Adding SystemFor Online Mineral Adding to Product water
Absolute Micron FilterFor Fine Micron Impurities removal
Ultra Violet System - OnlineFor Bacteria and virus Removal
Ozonation SystemFor Ozone gas Generation
Oxygen GeneratorFor Oxygen gas generation
Ozone Re-Circulation ChamberFor Ozonated water Re-Circulation for More Ozone
Ozone Re-Circulation PumpFor Ozone Gas Mixing to Product water
Final Product Water Transfer PumpFor Supply to Filling machine

2000 Liters per hour - SS - Mineral Water Production

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1000 LPH Mineral Water Treatment Plant With Storage Tank

1000 lph Mineral Water Treatment Plant with Storage Tank GujaratAsk Price

6000 liters Mineral Water Bottling Projects

6000 liters Mineral Water Bottling Projects Ahmedabad Ask Price

Reverse Osmosis System (R.O.System)

Reverse Osmosis System (R.O.System)Ask Price