Water Filtration & Softening Plant

Details of Water Filtration & Softening Plant

Description Application
Product Range Available 1 M3/Hour to 100 M3/Hour and Above.
Material of construction Stainless Steel - 316, 304, Fiber Glass (FRP) and Mild Steel with Rubber Line
Filtering Media Pebbles, Gravels, Quartz Silica, Fine Sand, Activated Carbon
Ion Exchange Resin NA + Strong Acid Caption Resin
System Operation Manual and Fully Automatic Operation available

Water Filtration & Softening Plant in India

GIECL is an export oriented manufacturing company engaged in offering Water Filtration & Softening Plant in India. GIECL is a leading brand in the field of Water Filtration and Softening. These plants are based on the confirmed ion exchange process. The Water Filtration Plantand Water Softening Plant are easy in operation; highly well-organized and compact units are designed to create soft water competently and economically. As the name suggest Water Softeners generally refer to products that remove the hardness-causing minerals and contaminants from water, like magnesium and calcium. While this still covers an assortment of items, it's commonly less than those considered water filters. Softeners likewise regularly utilize salt as the essential chemical operator in changing the properties of water, while filtration can include a lot more techniques to modify water, like reverse osmosis.

In the same way the filters normally submit to any methods or systems that remove the contaminants from water, like arsenic, iron or copper metal, Industrial and pharmaceutical byproducts like pesticides or hormones, sediment and other organic pest. Even Water filter is referred to the system that filters water throughout your home, smaller products that filter at the point of use, Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems, and others in between. Filtration can be achieved by means of sand and carbon filters, iron removal filters, self-cleaning filters, cartridge filters. The Water Softening Plants are accessible in diverse sizes and materials, manually operated or fully Automatic, and organized to install. Also the Water Filtration Plants are accessible as standard models or custom built versions for precise requirements.

Under the strict direction of endowed technocrats, this softener is manufactured using quality tested apparatus and modern techniques in synchronization with set industry standards. This softener is used in boiler feed, air conditioning plant, beverage production, etc. The offered Ultra Filtration Plants is accurately examined against diverse measures of quality to evade any kind of defect. Our EDI Water Softening System with multi-ports supports high quality water purifying application in the different sectors.