Pure Water (PW) Generation System

High Purified Water Generation System

(250 LPH, 500 LPH, 1000 LPH, up to 25000 LPH)

Treatment SchemeProduct Quality
C.S.R.O.H.S.R.O.H.S. EDI<1.3 μS/cm2
C.S.R.O.C.S.R.O.C.S. EDI<1.3 μS/cm2
C.S.R.O.C.S.R.O.Mix Bed<1.3 μS/cm2
C.S.R.O.D.M PlantMix Bed<2.0 μS/cm2
Purified Water Generation System

GIECL gives total Solution for Water treatment by Manufacturing and Supplying Purified Water Generation System according to the Tailor-made prerequisites. The above plan will clarify the distinctive phase of purification and quality Raw Water Passed to Pre-treatment; First Pass Hot Water R.O. system followed by Second Pass Hot Water R.O. system with EDI Water System for High Purity Water. RO is the most popular filtration strategy and it is generally utilized in pharmaceutical water system. This procedure is utilized to expel the particles including ions from the water. RO System contains a semi-penetrable layer that permits passing the water and rejects the contaminants. One of the key difficulties looked by the pharmaceutical industry is water reuse and water refinement subsequently there is a need to fix the situation. GIECL gives total Solution to Water treatment according to the Tailor-made necessities.

Ultra Pure Water Generation System

Inside the pharmaceutical industry, water is most regularly utilized liquid structure, not just as a fixing in numerous formulations bot likewise as a cleaning specialist. Ultra Pure Water Generation System to Creation of Purified Water, Highly Purified Water, Pyrogen Free Water and WFI to internationals pharmaceutical standards are broadly perceived as a basic procedure. Pharmaceutics is a sensitive industry. Additionally, it is one of the oldest consumers of reclaimed water. Subsequently, without a doubt, water is a basic part utilized in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Subsequently treating water before their utilization for pharmaceutical applications is a truly necessary advance so high caliber and unadulterated water can be additionally used for the generation of tablets, syrups and above all washing the apparatuses and utensils utilized in pharmaceutical strategies.

Pure Water Generation System

Hot Water Subitizable RO System for WFI (Water For Injection) With USP 25, 26, 27 Standards


  • Complete Skid Mounted System
  • Treatment Based on MMF, SOF, UF, CSRO / HSRO, CSEDI / HSEDI
  • Lowest Footprint
  • 0.25 M3/Hr. to 25.0 M3/Hr.
  • Lowest Reject Water Produce
  • WHO, GMP, USP, WFI, Standard
  • HMI Control
  • Lowest OPEX & CPAEX
  • 24*4 Service Backup
  • Validation Document DQ, FAT, IQ, OQ, SOP
  • Turnkey Solution Water Generation & Distribution
Two pass RO system

Two Pass RO System with PLC Program

Mix Bed Unit in FRP for High Flow Rate with PVC Piping and Fitting

Mix Bed Unit in FRP for High Flow Rate with uPVC Pipiing and Fitting

D.M. Plant with Mix Bed Unit

D.M. Plant with Mix Bed Unit (M.B. Unit) For GMP, WHO and SCH M for Tablet, Liquid Product

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