Packaged Drinking Water Plant

Sources of WaterTreatment Scheme
Deep Well Water / Bore Hole WaterChlorination, Pretreatment, R.O. System, Mineral Adding , Ozonation
Open Well Water / River Water / Lake WaterChlorination, Pretreatment, UF System, R.O. System, Ozonation
Sea WaterChlorination, Pretreatment, UF System, De-Salination, R.O.System and Ozonation

Packaged Drinking Water Plant Manufacturer

GIECL - Gujarat Ion Exchange and Chemicals Limited is a firm and well-known brand name in the industrial market for Manufacturing and Exporting the Packaged Drinking Water Plants. As the water is considered to be the main source of living being than drinking pure water, which is free from bacteria’s and germs are also very essential. So now a day the necessity of safe and healthy drinking water has increased the demand of Packaged Drinking Water. As we are aware that in the market today we can avail diverse range of Packaged Drinking Water from diverse companies offering in diverse packets like tetra pack, small plastic pouches and bottles.

We are most prominent well-known brand name in the industrial market Packaged Drinking Water Plant Manufacturer and it's installation that becomes stress-free process when the employed expert professionals take care of it. GIECL is developed with a team of intellectual, passionate and well-informed professionals to do the needful. With the changing circumstances in water treatment and purification industry, latest trends of technology are being introduced. We specially design the Packaged Drinking Water Plant to cater the need for pure and safe drinking water and this are fabricated in hygienic conditions with the aid of sophisticated technology that make sure the purity of drinking water to our clients and end user. Our offered Mineral Water Plant's Packaged Bottled Drinking Water converts the infected water into treated water through a process that involves filtration, UV or ozone treatment or reverse osmosis (RO).

Our professionals work to balance following aspects of Packaged Drinking Water Plant structure to guarantee complete solutions :

  • Supply constantly changing technical specification
  • Execution of new technology for diverse machinery installation
  • Building architecture design
  • Machinery setup installation
  • Planning for complete Packaged Drinking Water Plant charge
  • Maintenance and repair solutions
  • Legal documentation and industrial approvals
  • Taking up necessary energy preservation motives
  • Reduction in pollution standards and enhancing productivity control

With all the above mentioned factors we analytically put together at the time of installation of the Packaged Drinking Water to guarantee the optimum performance and we are the best selected choice of our prestigious clients and likely clients are inclining towards our developed and quality solutions. Our developed team of experts mainly focuses on the design, planning and installing process of the Packaged Drinking Water Plant, which has the robust capacity and integrated quality assurance. Our solutions are renowned for long lasting performance and improved results.