Soft Drink & Soda Project

Soft Drink & Soda Project in Ahmedabad

GIECL is the well-known brand name in this domain for providing the full solution for Soft Drink & Soda Projects. We are empowered by latest process that are sustained with advance facility and team highly experienced experts, for completing the Turnkey Projects as demanded by the customers. We are flourished with the well experienced designing, developing and implementing the solutions as per the specified process in the project areas, also we are ready to guarantee the customers with best accessible services in the market for handling Soft Drink & Soda Project. We are prominent name in the market for providing the complete range of engineering consultancy support including modified engineering support for meeting the necessity of installing Soda Soft Drink Plants that are designed for the production of huge range of beverages.

Our services are offered with the experienced team who are engaged in comprising technical staff and service engineers also guarantee that the complete project is implemented in a smooth manner while taking responsibility right throughout the project in areas like - Raw Material Analysis, Process engineering, Automation, Commissioning, After-sales services.

Further, it takes an enormous delight to set up ourselves as leading Soft Drink Plant & Soda Drink Plant with best service quality that are highly esteemed and accepted by the industry and customers. Our products and goods are made with European and USA standard goods with the brand image that are uncompromising, as a result, we always remain at the forefront of the industry and we have successfully installed large and larger such kinds of Juice and Soft Drink Project in India and across the globe with proudly and our customers are fully satisfy with our quality and services.

Soft Drink & Soda Processing Step

  • Sugar Syrup Clarification : Syrup is the mixture of sugar, flavorings, essence and water and the clarification will retain particles and crystals from your syrup.
  • Water Microbial Stabilization : Water accounts for the major portion of your beverage and requirements to be secure. The prefiltration phase plays a key position in your process - protecting the final filter, make certain the long life and good economics of your filter train, and reducing the original bio burden. Final filtration gets rid of microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, yeast, and protozoa to accomplish the necessary contaminant - free water quality.
  • Carbonation : Carbonation is the stride of addition carbon dioxide to a drink. The CO2 that you introduce into your beverage must be free of particles and microorganisms. Non-carbonated drinks do not consist of the carbonization step.
  • Bottle Blower and Bottle Washer : The air utilized in the bottle blower to transform the pre- forms into the finished PET bottle must be free from contaminants; its filtration guarantee a bottle with low bio burden is twisted. Bottle blowing can be ended in any beverage process using PET bottles. A safe and reliable container is necessary to preserve the quality and shelf life of your drink.
  • Bottle Filler : Gas filtration process can also be utilized during the filling process of carbonated soda drinks. In order for the filling to be probable, the filler bowl must be pressurized and the gas utilized must be microbiologically steady.

Injection Moulding Machine for Preform And Cap

MachineInjection Moulding for Preform and Cap for production of PET Preform and Cap Closures with all Auxiliaries
AuxiliariesHot air Drier, Auto Loader, Online Color Dosing, Hot Runner Mould and Controller, Chiller

GIECL - Gujarat Ion Exchange and Chemicals Ltd. caters specifically to your requirement of Injection Moulding Machine for Preform and Cap. Injection Moulding is a very appealing factor. By heating the plastic or rubber to get the required shape by injecting the heated material into a mould sounds way too interesting isn’t it? Additionally Injection Moulding is an incredibly adaptable strategy for manufacturing elastic and plastic products. At GIECL, we give the best Injection Moulding Machines for perform and cap and we give these machineries to a wide range of industries. Our Injection Moulding Machines can give the ideal shape to different mugs, cups, parcel multiplates, plates, plastic dishes serving bowls, spoon, lunch boxes and basins.

After being manufactured in the Injection Moulding Machine the items nearly require no work to be finished. When they are catapulted from the injection molds, they are considered as the last yields. We are eminent for our scope of Injection Molding apparatuses for generation of PET Preform and Cap Closures with all Auxiliaries. Every one of our machines and hardware's pre-owned siphons are produced to tight resistances, high particulars and specialized precision. Directly from Hot air Drier, Auto Loader, Online Color Dosing, Hot Runner Mold and Controller, Chiller, we select the most appropriate material for our machineries.

Utilizing our Injection Moulding Machineries it is conceivable to redo shape and the structure. Multifaceted and expand shapes can easily be designed and manufactured which generally would have been excessively mind boggling and exorbitant to deliver. When the shape is designed according to customer particular, manufacturing different items is a cakewalk for us. It is savvy in view of high creation rate. We guarantee that the plastic material utilized ought to be extremely solid and ought to have the option to withstand high temperature during the Injection Moulding process.