Electro Deionization Module (EDI)

Manufacturer of Electrodeionization systems

GIECL - is the best service provider in Ahmedabad for diverse system and recognized as leading manufacturer of Electro Deionization Module. The proposed electro deionization is used as an alternative to mixed bed filters. It is used to remove dissolved salts without any chemical regeneration with low energy consumption. These offered range of electro-deionization combines two methods such as electro dialysis and ion-exchange with ion-exchange resins. EDI systems are the process of purification of water with electro-chemical processes. The ion exchange resins in the EDI module of anionic and cationic ions in water are removed from the water by selective permeable membranes and DC voltage. They are much more advantageous than resin mix bed systems. Electrodeionization systems (EDI) are the second step in obtaining ultrapure water and ultrapure water that can be acquired by removing the ions remaining in the reverse osmosis production water from the water. It is a chemically free process that uses electricity and ion exchange resin to produce ultra-pure deionized water

Electro Deionisation (EDI) Treatment in India

Electro Deionisation (EDI) treatment is based at the simultaneous software of processes – membrane separation and Ion Exchange. Electro-deionization is a very efficient and environmentally pleasant procedure for remedy of water and is frequently used to update traditional Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Units. Electro Deionization (EDI) is a continuous, chemical-unfastened procedure of getting rid of ionized and ionisable species from feed water the usage of DC power. EDI is commonly used to shine RO Permeate and is an opportunity to conventional mixed bed Ion Exchange Process. EDI eliminates the need to keep and take care of unsafe chemical substances used for resin regeneration in blended beds. And when you consider that strength is EDI’s most effective consumable, this technique of permeate sharpening does now no longer produces a unsafe waste stream. Water enters the Electro deionization Module, in which a carried out voltage induces ions to transport thru the resins and throughout the membranes. These ions are amassed into pay attention streams which can then be despatched to drain. The deionized product water from an EDI module can then be used without delay or go through similar treatment.