Containerise Brackish Water RO Plant

Brackish Water RO Systems Manufacturer

Containerise Brackish Water Plant (R.O.System) are a revolutionary solution for providing pure drinking water. The offered Brackish Water RO Plant has moderate levels of dissolved minerals and salts. The presence of these impurities makes the water less advantageous or ineffectual for many applications. As, we know that the large scale Waste Water Treatment Equipments do in an industrial setup, now can be simulated at a mini scale with GIECL’s Containerized Brackish Water Plant RO System. GIECL’s Brackish Water RO Systems are designed with competence and ease of operation in mind. Our developed system generates water to meet the most demanding specifications and diverse capacities that are accessible to suit specific necessity.

Sources of WaterTreatment Scheme
Deep Well Water / Bore Hole WaterChlorination, Pretreatment, R.O. System, Flushing & Cleaning System
Open Well Water / River Water / Lake WaterChlorination, Pretreatment, UF System, R.O. System, Flushing & Cleaning System
Sea WaterChlorination, Pretreatment, UF System, De-Salination, R.O. System, Flushing & Cleaning System

Specification of Brackish Water Plant

Sources of Water GIECL Treatment Schemes
Deep well water Pretrement with R.O.System
Bore Holle Water Pretreatment with R.O. System
Open Well Water Chlorination, Pretreatment with R.O. System
River Water Chlorination, Filtration and Ozonation (Option: R.O. System)
Lake Water Chlorination, Filtration with U.V.& Ozonation
Sea Water/Sea Source Chlorination, Filtration with De-Salination, R.O. System and Ozonation

Brackish Water Desalination Plant Manufacturer in India

GIECL is High Quality Containerized Reverse Osmosis System Brackish Water Desalination Plant Manufacturer in India. We are engaged in offering Containerise Brackish Water Treatment System that offers reliability and robustness to meet the operational necessity of cogeneration plants, municipalities, the shipbuilding industry, electronic plants, resorts and others. Our systems are built into brand new 20- and 40- foot containers that meet international quality standards. They appear at your facility ready to operate with pre- and post-treatment systems, pumps, piping and controls. We are proud to say that our Containerise RO Plants are able to support humanity by providing pure water in the most inhospitable conditions. All these ensure that the consumer gets the best mineral water no matter how bad the feed water might be. The immense water purification power of RO is packed into this compact portable Containerise Brackish Water Plant that works on the go.