Mineral Water Process Details

We offer the World Latest Technologies of Process for Mineral Water Process & Mineral Water Plant details from diverse source of water like Bore Hole, Deep Well, River Water, and Sea Water etc. Our Mineral Water Process is specially designed for such Water Purification Plant, Turnkey Mineral Bottling Water Project's equipment as pure water, mineral water, and beverage process water. As now a days, huge diseases are taking place due to impure water, if people don’t drink pure water they can’t keep balance of their health. It is very important for each and every one from a child to an adult. We take an immense pleasure to say that we GIECL - Gujarat Ion Exchange and Chemical Limited is an ISO certified company engaged in offering Water Bottling Project, Mineral Water Plant, Turnkey Mineral Bottling Water Project, Reverse Osmosis(RO) System - pure water to the esteem customers for their diverse industry, which always stands at higher level in quality.

Process of Producing Mineral Water

Chlorine Dosing System

Drinking of Raw Water is very unfit for health as it contains living microorganisms and also holds the ferrous compounds which can get oxidized to ferric oxide. For purifying the water we are using Chlorine Dosing System which is the process to establish a free chlorine residual in a water distribution system / Water Bottling Project. The free chlorine residual is effective against most bacterial such as Legionella which is harmless to humans and can be used in hot, warm and cold water distribution systems.

Our chlorine dosing systems are viewed as a lot less simple, more secure and obviously financially valued water cleansing systems then customary chlorinators. These procedure units are broadly used in pools and drinking water applications. The procedure of chlorine dioxide dosing systems is lively in nature and available with installation and servicing all through India and overseas. Also, we are occupied with offering the chlorine dosing system to pools to meet the business exact Water Treatment applications.

Raw Water Storage Tank

We supply the best quality of Raw Water Storage Tank which is required for storage of chlorinated water having maximum capacity with all the accessories normally fitted to such type of tanks. Besides the tanks are fitted with PVC pipe work and isolation valves and suitable type of level indicator.

Raw Water Supply Pump

We are one of the most established range of Raw Water Pumps that are not only useful for pumping out River water, but can very well be modified to pump out sea water as well. We are engaged in offering Horizontal Centrifugal type of pump designed utilizing the best quality of Stainless Steel for Mineral Water Plant. We are even providing the raw water supply pump with its exclusive features that are user friendly and supplied along with other machineries.

Pressure Sand Filter

Raw water pump is used for generating necessary operating pressure in the pressure sand filter. Sand filtration is widely used and very vigorous technique to remove poised solids from water. These offered Sand Filters consist of a multiple layer of sand with a variety in size and specific gravity. The filters are accessible in diverse sizes and materials both hand operated or fully automatically. Raw water is passed through CHEMTRONICS Multigrade Sand Filter at a pressure of 3.5 kg / cm2 to reduce the suspended solids present in the raw water. Raw Water is first filtered by filtration unit in series prior feeding Industrial RO Plant. Pressure Sand Filter Unit is provided for removal of suspended matters & turbidity from raw water.

SMBS Dosing System

The Chlorinated water may oxidize the layer and to evade the equivalent prudent we have provided Sodium Meta Bi Sulphite dosing system Dosage rate is 4-5 mg/liter. A HDPE chemical readiness tank with an electronics diaphragm type dosing pump is accommodated this.

Activated Carbon Filter

Activated Carbon is utilized in water filter purifiers in light of the fact that activated carbon expels from the water most dangerous natural mixes in water like pesticides and overwhelming metal natural mixes. So going water through an activated carbon water filter / Water Purification Plant improves the flavor of drinking water and furthermore makes water safe to drink by evacuating most toxic natural compounds in water like pesticides and overwhelming metal natural compounds. Activated carbon likewise expels smells in water and makes cloudy water clear by expelling color causing mixes in the water. So activated carbon is an extremely productive purifier of water and is broadly utilized in water filter purifiers. During service cycle water is passed in down ward bearing through Carbon Bed, which expels Chlorine and Odor from water. Over some undefined time frame, life of carbon gets depleted which can be checked during research center testing. Particularly iodine esteem is generally significant for this application. For the most part carbon is supplanted once in a year.

Anti Scalent Dosing

Anti Scalent is a chemical used to prevent the scaling and fouling of the hardness salts of calcium and magnesium which exceeds its solubility limit of the membranes that results into scaling which ultimately leads to poor treated water quality from RO System. Further to prevent, anti scaling dosing system is provided and we design to provide guidance on the best choice of anti scalant chemicals for your RO Plant and suitable application dosage based on your specific water chemistry and system designs.

Micron Cartridge Filter

As the name implies the Micron Cartridge Filters are filters that filters the water to designated Micron rating and are necessary filters, to get a super clearness & additional sparkle to water. This is accomplished by particularly designed cartridge elements to be housed within the Filter vessel which escape untapped in sand filter that are easily separated in these filters. We are supplying the micron cartridge filter that are having series of filtration with the 20 Micron, 10 Micron, 5 Micron, 1 Micron, 0.45 Micron and 0.2 Micron Nominal and Absolute Micron Cartridge. These cartridge filters are most useful, in various industries, for achieving high standards of quality of the finished products.

High Pressure Pump

Reverse Osmosis Process is done to feed pressure of water. For this reason a Vertical Multistage Centrifugal High Pressure Pump in S.S development is given RO System for Pharmaceutical that further requires working pressure of around 14-16 kg/cm². High-pressure pump is fitted with S.S. release pipe work with fundamental control valves. Vital instruments like High Pressure Switch, Pressure Gauge and re-dissemination valves are accommodated more secure operation of system.

Reverse Osmosis System

With the high pressure pump we are offering the Reverse Osmosis Plant which is a Water Purification Plant process that uses a moderately porous membrane to remove the present impurities in the water such as ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water. Applying an exterior pressure to reverse the natural flow of pure solvent, thus, is reverse osmosis. Rejected water is exceedingly concentrated water, which is not to be worn for any purpose but drained. Feed water at eminent pressure is first nourished to Pressure Vessel treated water in center core tube.

Product Water Storage Tank

A Horizontal Centrifugal type of pump in Stainless Steel construction has been provided for supplying raw water to Pressure Sand Filter Unit. Necessary Suction / discharge pipe work in S.S construction with isolation valves are also provided up to PSF Unit.

Water Supply Pump

Pump in Stainless Steel construction has been provided for supplying water to Mineral Adding System.

Added Mineral System

Minerals are considered to be the main source which gives water a great taste and raises the PH upto healthy levels that results in very pure mineral alkaline tasting water. As we are filtering the water with RO Plant, so the water has very less TDS value which is not good in Taste so we are adding the minerals to the water. Other than taste of minerals in the water are the health benefits minerals that add to our bodies. Naturally we get most minerals from our food intake that is if you are eating healthy fruits and veggies and not consuming lots of acidic drinks and fast food.

Absolute Micron Cartridge Filter

After the Mineral Adding water will go through the 1 and 0.2 Micron Absolute Micron cartridge filter which will take care for fine micron polluting influences. The Sanitary kind lodging and Filter will guarantee the High Quality Treated Water before Ozonation. It will likewise take care for some piece of microorganisms and infection.

Ultra Violet Sterilizer

UV light Sterilization is an environmentally friendly method of killing bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses without the use of harmful chemicals and does not produce corrosive materials or disinfection by-products. Through R.O. treated water is liberated from all the micro-biological impurities like Bacteria, Virus, and so on it might redevelop again in water during delayed storage. For purifications of water is fundamental for Reverse Osmosis Application before Filling and Sealing in bottle. Subsequently, an online Ultra Violet Sterilizer is given to cleansings of R.O. treated water before filling in pre-cleaned PET Bottles. The water to be purified is gone through U.V. system, which comprises of U.V. Cylinders which radiates high power Ultra Violet Rays, which thus executes the microorganisms. An electrical framework is given to generation of high voltage required for U.V. Beams age.

Ozone Generator

An Ozone Generator is an apparatus that sucks in air from 1 side, passes it through an area where electrical discharges turn the Co2 into O3. Ozone generators purposely manufacture the toxic gas ozone and are sold as air cleaners for commercial and residential applications. Exclusively, they are advertised to deodorize, disinfect, kill or remove hazardous or irritating airborne particles in indoor environments. Though RO System discards all the micro - organisms like bacterial & virus and even after passing through U.V. System it may restore in packed bottles over a period of time. Hence, it is essential to sterilize R.O. Product water proceeding to bottling filling. This is very much necessary to guarantee good Mineral Water Quality as per the standards.

Ozone Re-Circulating Tank

Ozone Re-Circulating tank is used to meet the necessity of PPM Ozone gas mixture in finish product water. Surrounded by the Ozone Re-circulating Tank the pump is worn to re-circulate the softened water. Benefit of ozone install outlet of Pump within suction ozone assists the mix-up of static mixer. This tank is en suite with one no. of re-circulating pump and one no. of treated water transfer pump to the filling section.

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