Sea Water Plant - Seawater Desalination Plant

Treatment Schemes
Raw Water Pump
Pressure Sand Filter
Activated Carbon Filter
Bag filter /Micron cartridge filter with housing
UF System
Dosing system (Acid & Antiscalent)
Reverse Osmosis System
Flushing & Cleaning System
Seawater Desalination Plant, Containerized Desalination Plant Manufacturer

Seawater is the most copious aqueous solution on the earth: 3.3% of its composition is represented by dissolved salts, and seven elements (Na, Mg, Ca, K, Cl, S and Br) account for 93.5%o of the ionic species. Sea Water covers 71% of the planet surface and corresponds to 97% of the world’s water. With more than 30 years of experience in Distilled Water Plant, technologies and knowledge in desalination, GIECL water technologies that supports municipalities and industries around the world in the execution of their Seawater Desalination Plant strategies. Our all-inclusive variety of Water Purification solutions and Seawater Desalination technologies are devoted optimize the management of the water resources. Joint with local occurrence and a wide-reaching network of professional, we make sure our customers the finest potential solutions to deliver high quality Containerized Seawater Desalination Plant, supervise brine concentrates, manufacture or recuperate energy, extort raw materials and benefit from on by-products.

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