Purified Water Loop and Distribution System

Giecl – Gujarat Ion Exchange and Chemicals Limited – is one of the most prominent Purified Water Loop and Distribution System provider in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We are recognized firm engaged in offering the best water purification systems and water treatment plants across the globe. Water loop system is piping system consisting of stainless steel pipes of 316L. This loop system recirculates the water means water remains in incessant motion in the loop system. Still water endorses biofilm formation so recirculated water prevents biofilm formation. The purified water is prepared by purified water generation system and collected in purified water storage tank of the required capacity and distributed by a centrifugal pump for the recirculation of the loop. We offer our customers 100% pure water distribution systems (loops) in an orbital way welded (use of Triclover joints / manual welding is minimal) with closed head orbital welders. Strict welding controls up to 100% Boreoscopy / Videography / Radiography depending on the user.

Obtainable in various specifications, we make these products accessible at the best prices in the industry. Our offered Purified Water Distribution Systems are cherished for their competence, corrosion resistant, sturdiness, easy operation and easy maintenance, thus brands us as final choice as Purified Water Loop and Distribution Systems manufacturers in India to our esteemed customers. This offered Purified Water Loop Distribution Systems are manufactured with state of art facility under the supervision of specialists. Quality control is our topmost precedence and guarantees that all our offered Purified Water loop Distribution Systems passed placed quality checking procedures. We are offering finest quality Purified Water Distribution Systems at competitive prices accessible in the market.

Loop Distribution System

Giecl is engaged in offering the best quality of Loop Distribution System to their esteem customers. The offered loop distribution system loops through the service area and returns to the point of origin. In this loop system the water distribution system is a part of water supply network with components that carry potable water from a centralized treatment plant or well to consumers to satisfy their residential, commercial and industrial necessities. Moreover, the distribution system is a network of pipelines that distribute water to the consumers. The purpose of distribution system is to deliver water to consumer with appropriate quality, quantity and pressure. These systems aim to preserve the quality and quantity of water, as well as maintain sufficient pressures in the distribution of water. In loop distribution system and water distribution system consists of pipelines, storage facilities, pumps, and other accessories required for the water treatment.


Purified Water Distribution and Loop System

We are noteworthy manufacturers of Purified Water Distribution and Loop Systems catering the requirements of our esteemed customers. Our offered Purified Water Distribution and Loop Systems are essential for optimal distribution of purified water in different industrial processes. These offered Purified Water Distribution Systems are very much essential for competent distribution of purified water with perfect and exactitude at critical applications in harmony to our cherished customers. These offered water distribution and loop systems is one in which the drinking water is transported from the centralised treatment plant or well supplies to the service connection or consumers´ taps. Water transmission system for a network of pipes, generally is a tree-like structure, that is used to convey water from water treatment plants to service reservoirs, and uses the term water distribution system for a network of pipes that generally has a loop structure.